Greenwood and Lewis Selected to KEMFA 8 Man All Star Game
1/8/2019 9:12 AM
Seth Greenwood and Trevin Lewis will represent 8 Man Division 1 East in the KEMFA All Star Game this summer in Beloit, KS.  The game will be June 8 at 1:30pm.  Coach Slater will be an assistant Coach for the East.  

To view all rosters view Kansas Eight Man Football Association Website

Kansas Eight-Man All-Star Game rosters

8-Man Division 1

Austin Watts - Madison

Braden Nielson - Solomon

Christian Hess - South Central

Clayton Cook - Central-Burden

Codie Cannon - West Elk

Cody Joslin - Sedan

Corbin Rice - Caldwell

Dakota Bayliff - Medicine Lodge

Davin Stutesman - Madison

Eli Basvic - Solomon

Ezra Goodman - Attica/Argonia

Garrett Burden - Medicine Lodge

Jalen Risley - Caldwell

Jobe Fowles - Solomon

Josh Fielder - Udall

JT Ohlson - Bennington

Masen McDaniel - Attica/Argonia

Seth Greenwood - Burlingame

Trevin Lewis - Burlingame

Tristen Scurlock - Udall


Head Coach: Sean Blosser - Caldwell HS

Assistant Coach: Alex McMillian - Madison

Assistant Coach: Jeff Slater - Burlingame

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